2012: Year in Review

YIRFirst and foremost, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you in 2012.  We always strive to provide outstanding patient care, be a leader in technology in our field, promote patient wellness, and do our part in the community.  With the help of our wonderful staff and patients, we have managed to accomplish all of those things in 2012 and will continue as we begin 2013.

Meaningful use was implemented in our offices as well as many other healthcare facilities across the country. Read our Blog: [Changes to the Eye Exam process].  The goal of meaningful use is to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare.  One of the key components is to provide convenience and technology to the patient.  We use e-prescribing to send patient prescriptions to their local pharmacy within minutes of their visit.  Clinical Summaries of your visit are available immediately after your visit and may be e-mailed to you.  Our patients have the ability to view appointments, print out receipts, and more using the online Patient Portal.  Blog:[Introducing Our New Patient Portal]

In October 2012, our offices were equipped with brand new digital eye exam equipment.  We are one of the first offices around the country to have implemented these high-tech systems.  No longer will our doctors be flipping lenses by hand, it is now orchestrated by a digital computer device!     The new instruments are able to “talk” to our computers, making the exam process faster and more efficient.

We strive to make all of our patients and community aware of the importance of an eye exam.  The purpose of an eye exam is not only to create glasses and contact lens prescriptions.  The purpose is to make sure that our patients are healthy all around.  The eyes are the windows to the rest of the body.  Social media has played a big part in our effort to inform and educate.  In 2012 we have created Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts in addition to our Facebook pages.

We appreciate our communities and all they give to us and like being able to pay it forward.  In November, we pulled together and had a food/clothing drive for Hurricane Sandy victims.  Blog: [Hurricane Sandy Relief] In December, we provided over 40 charitable eye exam in just one day.  Blog:[OneDay 2012]  That is an addition to the charitable exams done on a weekly basis throughout the year.

We also like to say goodbye to long time friend and co-worker, Larry N.  He will be retiring on 12/31/12 (for good now) and will be traveling around the country with his wife, Maxine.  Larry has been an integral part of our administration “behind the scenes” team.  Larry, you will be missed.  Best Wishes!

Thank you for an amazing 2012.  We hope to see you in 2013!

The Staff at Drs. North & Watson, Optometrists, P.A.