Introducing Digital Eye Exam

20121106_123537We are committed to providing the most advanced  and accurate eye care experience in the industry for our patients.  In 2011 LensCrafters launched the Accufit Digital System (see our blog about AccuFit) bringing state of the art capabilities in accuracy of measurement and frame styling.  This technology helps our patients see and look their best.

At the end of 2012 we implemented the new Digital Eye Exam in all of our offices.  Our new instruments  give us access to the most accurate and advanced diagnostic eye care data.  This allows our doctors to have more time to share eye health and wellness information with all of our patients.  The advanced digital technology provides our patients with a customized vision correction prescription that can enables clearer, sharper vision.  It is the only eye exam that can tailor prescriptions for day or night.

Many patients express their concerns about “choosing between 1 or 2” because it isn’t always easy to tell which is better and they are not comfortable guessing.  This is a common concern!  One of the benefits of digital eye exam is that we begin with a precise digital prescription which will reduce the number of comparisons needed to finalize the customized prescription.  If that isn’t wonderful all by itself, our patients will be able to see an instant comparison between a current prescription and an old prescription.  Being able to see the prescription difference gives patients the confidence that the prescription is correct when they leave our office.

As you can see there are many new and exciting aspects to Digital Eye Exam.   Please follow our blog.  For the next couple of weeks I will post about our new instruments, what they do, and why they are amazing.

We invite you to come experience Digital Eye Exam for yourself.  You won’t find this technology anywhere else.  It is exclusive to LensCrafters and their affiliated doctors.  Schedule an eye exam today!