AccuExam – Auto Phoropter

This is the final installment of the in depth review of our AccuExam equipment.  Phoropters are the most identifiable piece of equipment in an eye doctor’s office.  The giant, black faceplate in front of your face and the eye doctor prompting you to choose which is better 1 or 2.  These iconic pieces have been eliminated from our office and have been replaced by an automated system.  The information gathered from your preliminary vision testing is automatically loaded into the system by the touch of a button.

Before AccuExam

Before AccuExam

AccuExam's Auto-Phoropter

AccuExam’s Auto-Phoropter









As previously discussed, the AccuExam will gather an immense amount of data resulting in an eye exam that is quicker, easier, and more informative to the patient.  There are less 1 or 2 choices for the patient to make when determining the patient’s eyeglass prescription.  The auto-phoropter can show a person what they see like with the new glasses prescription versus their old glasses prescription in real time with a push of a button.  Patients are relieved to able to see the difference between the old and new prescriptions.  Patients often feel like they made a mistake during the 1 or 2 portion of the exam, and therefore worry about their glasses purchase.

Please call our office and schedule your AccuExam today.  The only way to “see” all the benefits is to experience it.