Should you buy glasses or contact lenses?


If you are normally a glasses wearer:  Having contact lenses allows you to change your appearance from time to time.  This could include special occasions and events like weddings or class reunions, date nights, and even in times when your picture will be taken.  If the lenses in your glasses are not anti-reflective you risk the glare reflecting off your glasses in the photograph, something which is hard for the photographer to fix or edit out.  Contacts are great for recreational sports and travel. Contacts will not fog up or slide down from sweat.  Many people opt for contacts when scuba diving and snorkeling versus the expensive prescription goggles or masks.  Contacts allow a person to purchase multiple pair of non-prescription sunglasses whether it be for fashion or for multiple purposes like fishing or driving.  As always, contacts can be used as a back up if something were to happen to your eyeglasses.

If you are normally a contact lens wearer:  For contact lens wearers, eyeglasses are not optional, they are a must.  Contact lenses should not be worn 24-7.  The eyes need rest from contact lens wear.  If an eye infection or injury were to occur, contact lenses cannot be worn.  Many contact lens patients experience dry eye in particular environments or after a long day and benefit from the option to wear eyeglasses.  As always, eyeglasses can be used as back up if you run out or if something were to happen to your contact lenses.

Sometimes getting eyeglasses and contacts at the same time can get expensive.  Here are some ideas:  Have a contact lens fitting every year along with your annual eye exam.  When you are ready, you can order the actual supply of contact lenses when you need it.  For contact lens wearers, consider updating your eyeglasses every other year, unless you’ve had a drastic change in your prescription.

Talk about your options with your eye doctor.  Call and schedule an appointment with us today!