Google Developing Glasses?

The product is called Google Glass.  Google Glass is still in development, but may hit the market sooner than anticipated.  These glasses take technology to a whole new level.  The glasses have a screen in the upper right hand corner that allows the user to take pictures and videos exactly how the user views the images in real life.  The glasses will also be able to search images, show directions, and even translate languages.  Theses actions are all activated by voice commands.  The claim is that the screen will not obstruct your vision, and of course, cannot be used while driving.  There has been talk about custom Google Glass that would accommodate those who would require prescription glasses.  That is also still in development.  The idea of Google Glass seems like something that we “would never see in our lifetime”, but the technology is here and we could possibly see this product break through in 2014!  Below are some links to more detailed information and some short videos.