Halloween Contact Lenses

halloweenAs Halloween approaches in the next few days, we would like to send out a friendly reminder about eye safety at this time.  As everyone scrambles to put together the award winning Halloween costume, please remember that ALL contact lenses are medical devices that should be sold and monitored by a medical professional.  This includes cosmetic contact lenses that have no prescription in them.

Cosmetic contacts should be fit and monitored by a professional.  Contact lenses are not one size fits all.  When consumers buy cosmetic contact lens from the internet, flea markets, and small novelty shops, they put themselves at a high risk for serious, even blinding, infections and complications.

If you have purchased this type of cosmetic contact lens, please remove them at any sign of pain or discomfort.  If you experience any complications, please visit your eye care professional right away.  And, NEVER, share contact lenses between friends!

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In General:

Contact lenses are medical devices that can only dispensed by prescription. Contact lens prescriptions expire after one year (or sooner if the doctor determines a medical reason for a shorter expiration date). Contact lenses must be regarded with the same caution you would use for prescription drugs, which include prescription expiration dates and follow up visits with your eye doctor. Your contact lens prescription will include the power of your contact lenses, the type of contact lenses you wear, the shape of the contact lenses (curvature) and any information determined by the doctor to be necessary for a proper contact lens fit.

Your eyes go through gradual changes in size, shape and physiological requirements (such as oxygen and moisture) while wearing contact lenses. These changes can affect the health of the cornea and need to be monitored annually. The federal government requires contact lens prescriptions to expire after one year for these reasons.

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