Dr. Watson in Thailand

Dr. Watson and Roseville LensCrafters associate, Crys, are in Thailand this week on a OneSight mission.  Onesight’s mission is to eradicate the global vision care crisis.  There are millions of people around the world that are suffering from vision loss.  In half of the cases, the vision loss can be helped with a simple eye exam and a pair of glasses.

According to Team Thailand, their goal is to help 4,000 people during the week of their trip. So far they have seen 3,378 patients!  With one day of clinic remaining they only have to see 622 more patients to reach their goal.  At the rate they are going, they are bound to surpass it.

Team Thailand has created a blog that contains photos and team members sharing their experiences during their trip.  There are some great stories there!  Check out the blog.  http://stories.onesight.org/thailand/

The following video is not from the Onesight team that is currently in Thailand.  This video is from another Onesight team that went to Thailand earlier in 2013.  This is an excellent example of what happens on these missions and how much the teams have to be proud of. Thank you Dr. Watson, and Crys for representing us and dedicating yourselves to this wonderful cause.