Introducing Bausch & Lomb PeroxiClear

PeroxiClearBausch & Lomb has introduced a brand new contact lens solution called PeroxiClear.  This is available in our offices for our patients to try.  Retail stores will begin to see the product April-June 2014. PeroxiClear is a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution.  The solution is for all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel and rigid gas permeable lenses.

Benefits include:

  • Superior All-Day Comfort
  • Lenses are cleaner and moister for longer
  • Exceptional disinfection in only 4 hours


Typically, hydrogen peroxide solutions are used with patients who have hypersensitivity to contact lenses and/or solutions.  We recommend hydrogen peroxide solutions to patients with a history of allergies, eczema or prior contact lens related problems.  The cleaning power of the hydrogen peroxide solution makes it a favorite solution for our doctors to recommend to all of our contact lens patients.