Alcon Air Optix Colors Contact Lens Have Arrived

AIR_OPTIX_COLORSThe newest contact lenses have arrived in our office, Air Optix Colors.  This is an exciting time for those contact lens wearers currently wearing and those interested in color contact lenses.  The technology for colored contact lenses has remained dormant for quite sometime.

Alcon Air Optix Colors is the first color contact lens to be offered in a Silicone Hydrogel material.  Why is that exciting?  Air Optix Colors have combined a beautiful color with the lens allowing 6x more oxygen to your eye and the plasma coated surface is more comfortable.

Air Optix Colors is available in 9 colors that can enhance light or dark eyes.  If you currently wear and have a valid prescription for Air Optix Aqua (clear), you are able to order Air Optix Colors at anytime without any additional contact lens evaluations or office visits.  If you are new to this brand of contact lenses, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.