Diamond Contact Lenses?

Courtesy of Shekhar Eye Research

Our April 2011 post about baby doll contact lenses was very popular.  We are back to take this topic a step further.  Diamond contact lenses.  A staff member saw this while surfing the Internet and brought it to our attention.  We thought we would share it with you.

A doctor at the Shekhar Eye Research Center in India has created contact lenses that are encrusted with real diamonds!  At $15,000 a pair, we don’t see this becoming as popular of a trend as the baby doll contact lenses.

La SER™ Eye Jewelry is making limited edition lenses custom made in four designs of: diamonds on white gold, diamonds on yellow gold, white gold only (no jewels), and yellow gold only (no jewels).  A photo gallery is available on the La SER™  Eye Jewelry website.

What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Diamond Contact Lenses?

  1. Yasmin G.

    15G a pair is mind blowing! The price is figuratively blinding. Though it’s really some contacts you’d be confident to wear. Wow!

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