Are You Still Wearing Contact Lenses That You Have To Clean?

Have you ever thought of switching to a daily contact lens that you don’t have to clean?

Many people believe that daily contact lenses are not available in their prescription.   In fact, daily contact lens technology has come a long way and are available for many patients.  Astigmatism, bifocals, and even eye color change have been developed in these daily lenses.   Just ask your eye care professional at your annual eye exam!

Reasons why daily contacts may be right for you:

Are you an allergy sufferer?  Switching to a daily contact lens eliminates any allergy related build up on your contact lenses.  You will start with a fresh new pair every day.

Are you a workaholic or a night owl?  End of the day discomfort is a thing of the past.  Many daily lenses are formulated to stay hydrated for 12-14 hours.  Some even release a moisturizing agent every time you blink!  How cool is that?

Do glasses get in the way?  Want to wear contact lenses on a occasional basis?  Many patient’s find glasses obtrusive in many daily activities.  Many active individuals who play sports, exercise, work in their garden wear contact lenses to avoid sweat and the fogginess that may occur when being active.  For contact sports contact lenses are a healthier option and eliminates the need for eyeglass repair.  Dailies are also perfect for the occasional night out with friends or special occasions.

Daily contacts are an easy and healthy option.  No more dirty contacts.  Every day begins with a fresh new pair, without worry of protein build up.  No need to clean your contact lenses at all!  Just throw them in the garbage in the evening.  With other contact lenses it is very important to follow replacement and cleaning guidelines to keep your eyes healthy.  Overwearing your contacts or not replacing them when your supposed to can damage the surface of your eye.  Re-using contact lens solution can lead to very serious eye infections that could lead to blindness.

Wearing daily contact lenses may save you money.  Most patient’s assume that being able to throw away their lenses on a daily basis is a luxury and quite costly.  Many manufacturers are offering great rebates on annual supplies of daily contact lenses.  Since you don’t have to buy contact lens solution that saves about $100 per year.  These reasons alone make dailies comparable or less than the cost of monthly contacts.  Trips to the eye doctor throughout the year with contact lens related issues or eye infections subside or come to a halt completely with dailies, also saving you time and money.

Ask about Daily contact lenses the next time you come to see us for your eye exam!