Biofinity Contact Lenses from CooperVision

Asking questions about the contact lenses that your eye doctor has prescribed is perfectly normal, and recommended. Eye doctors prescribe contact lenses based on your individual needs.  There has been many advancements in contact lens technology and materials in recent years.

Contact lens exams analyze:

Your prescription – do you have an astigmatism or need a bifocal?
Your lifestyle – Do you work in a dusty environment?  What sports, activities or hobbies do you do?  Night owl?  College student?
Your eye chemistry – Do you have dry eyes?  Do your eyes secrete proteins that leave deposits on your contact lenses?  Do you have allergies?

Many factors influence the doctor’s decision in picking the right contact lens for you. Below you will find a video on just one of the many contact lens brands that we use in our practice. More videos on other contact lens brands to come!

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