Introducing Our New Patient Portal

All of our current patients will now have online access to their patient records.   Patients will be able to access their personal eye care information from anywhere.

To get started with online access to your records:

  1. Call our office.  We will give you your login credentials by phone or via mail.  Due to HIPAA laws were are unable to email your login credentials.
  2. Visit to login
  3. You will be prompted to change your password immediately.

Important feature:  If you have an upcoming eye appointment, you can complete a pre-examination interview that will help your doctor complete your key history items in your record based upon your answers.

Take a Tour  of the Patient Portal

What  is inside the patient portal:

Overview – When you first login, you will see an overview of your PHR record. Here you might see your next appointment when it is scheduled and the status of your account and recent orders.

About Me – Let’s face it, RevolutionPHR really is all about you and this section allows you to keep your personal information accurate and current.  This will list the most current address and contact information.  At this time these fields are not editable but will be in future updates.

Doctor – Check here for your doctor’s clinic address and office hours – so you can be certain of their availability before you head over for your visit.

Appointments – Manage your visits to our office here. Check on your next appointments, confirm appointments and take your pre-examination interview before your next visit.

Orders – Check here for the status of your recent contact lens orders. Our clinic will keep the order’s progress up-to-date.

Account – Don’t worry about missing statements or invoices. Check here for the status of your bill and details on invoices and billing history, and print your invoice to submit your payment.

Get started today!


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