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4th of July!

4th of July is a great holiday and is celebrated with barbecues and fireworks. Drs. North & Watson’s offices hope that all of our patient’s have a fun filled holiday with plenty of good food and company.

We will be open on the 4th for walk in exams till 2 o’clock!

If you have a lot of hot dog eating, family gathering fun and can’t make it in, still feel free schedule an eye exam in before the back to school rush! We are open 7 days a week and are in network with most insurances.

Strides 4 Sight 5k Continued

Dr. Dixon and technicians Michael, Samantha, and Veronica recently participated in the Strides 4 Sight 5K Walk / Run to benefit Operation Eyesight, a charity outreach program under which the surgeons of Minnesota Eye Consultants provide a variety of eye care surgeries free of charge, to those who may not otherwise be able to afford the care they need.

Dr. Dixon and technicians

Dr. Dixon and technicians

Technicians excited from 5k

Technicians excited from 5k

Technicians going at their own pace

Technicians going at their own pace

Strides 4 Sight

Dr. Dixon has a pace of her own

Strides 4 Sight Logo

Strides 4 Sight Logo

Strides 4 Sight 5k

Tomorrow a handful of our staff will be participating in Strides 4 Sight 5k that is being hosted by Minnesota Eye Co. for a charity called Operation Eyesight. Check out more information at

“Blind Devotion”

Sometimes our eyesight can change suddenly and our greatest support is our loved ones. The doctors at Drs. North & Watson, P. A. highly recommend an annual eye health evaluation and to schedule an appointment if you feel your vision is changing.

The video below is of a husband and wife as they handle the new lifestyle with vision loss.

Summer is Here

Summer is already here! Have you been enjoying the outdoors? Make sure you wear protective sunglasses. Come in for an eye exam with us today and we can write you a prescription for sunglasses as well!

Schedule at one of our four locations, open seven days a week!summer-sunglasses

Happy Mother’s Day

It is often said that mom’s often have eyes in the back of their heads. No matter how many eyes she may have, show your mom how awesome she is, and how much you appreciate her, by making sure she schedules her annual eye exam. We will be open this Mother’s Day and have available appointments at all four of our locations.

Back to School Eye Exams 2014






By Jefferson, Lin O.D.

Don’t forget to bring your kids for an eye exam before school starts!

If you notice your kids

  • are having difficulty reading
  • squinting
  • eye rubbing
  • or even tilting their head

They may have a vision issue!

An eye exam would help clear up any problems before it starts to affect their school work.

We want your kids to do well in school and want their eyes to perform at their best.

At Drs. North and Watson, we provide comprehensive eye exams that test the eye coordination as well as eye teaming skills of all our patients.



Alcon Air Optix Colors Contact Lens Have Arrived

AIR_OPTIX_COLORSThe newest contact lenses have arrived in our office, Air Optix Colors.  This is an exciting time for those contact lens wearers currently wearing and those interested in color contact lenses.  The technology for colored contact lenses has remained dormant for quite sometime.

Alcon Air Optix Colors is the first color contact lens to be offered in a Silicone Hydrogel material.  Why is that exciting?  Air Optix Colors have combined a beautiful color with the lens allowing 6x more oxygen to your eye and the plasma coated surface is more comfortable.

Air Optix Colors is available in 9 colors that can enhance light or dark eyes.  If you currently wear and have a valid prescription for Air Optix Aqua (clear), you are able to order Air Optix Colors at anytime without any additional contact lens evaluations or office visits.  If you are new to this brand of contact lenses, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.


Tips To Reduce Allergy Symptoms




By: Jefferson Lin, OD

It’s that wonderful time of the year when the Minnesota snow has finally melted away and the sun has come out to play! From fishing, hiking, boating, and enjoying the weather many of us are able to see the sights and sounds of the great Minnesotan outdoors without the problems of allergies. With all of these fun activities come the inevitable allergies that put a damper on some of the fun. What if you’re one of the unfortunate few that suffer from EYE allergies?

Rest assured! Drs. North and Watson have some tips to reduce those itchy, watery eye symptoms.

1. Figure out what is causing the allergies! Is it pollen, animal dander, dust, make up, or even certain foods? By figuring out what is really the issue, you’re a lot closer to breathing deeper and freely.

2. Avoid the allergen or change your environment. The best way to combat any allergen is to remove the offending agent entirely from your environment. You will reduce the incidences keep yourself happily doing what you do best!

3. Use over the counter (OTC) eye drops. If you cannot figure it out or cannot stay away from the allergen, the next best thing would be to alleviate some of the symptoms with anti allergy eye drops from your local pharmacy.

Alaway and Zaditor are over the counter drops that will help! They contain ketotifen 0.025% in either a 5ml or 10ml bottle form. These are second generation antihistamine H1 receptor drugs that act peripherally and more selective than first generation counterparts. It is just a fancy way of saying they have less side effects. Bottom line: they will help with the allergies and will not make you drowsy! The best part is they are a lot cheaper than prescription anti allergy drops.

Try your best to stay away from eye drops that say they get rid of red eyes. These drops do so by directly reducing the appearance of red eyes, not by getting to the root of the problem, the allergen! Long term use of any anti allergy drops is not recommended. The ideal solution is to identify and avoid the allergen. Drops like Zaditor and Alaway provide symptom relief so you can run away from those pesky flowers!

Most importantly make sure you come in and see your eye doctor if you continually experience eye allergies and OTC eye drops do not seem to help. A thorough evaluation by a professional will help get to the bottom of the problem.

If you have any questions, call our office or send an email to